What Makes Us Different

Client Centered

Having been in the investment business since 1997, Ryan Poage, CFP® created a firm that pursues an investing goal that when simplified to its core is what Poage has seen individuals truly have as their long-term desire. This goal is to simply make decent money when times are good, yet not lose too much when times are bad.

Coming from humble roots in rural Missouri, Poage pursued finance in order to gain the knowledge to be financially self-sufficient. After a stint in investment banking, he left to help hardworking individuals pursue a more successful investing path. Over several years and after countless amounts of research, Poage created a simple method that allows individuals a way to invest like much larger institutional investors such as endowment funds.

This rules-based, non-emotional rebalancing strategy is focused on that basic investor desire of making decent returns during bull markets, while avoiding the bulk of declines during bear markets. Never-ending research is ingrained in the firm’s culture, and we work tirelessly in an effort to help people get the benefits they deserve from their money.


Differentiating Features

Monthly market risk and opportunity assessments in pursuit of decent returns during good markets while reducing declines during bad markets.

No affiliation with product companies such as mutual funds and insurance companies or sales-focused Wall Street brokerage firms.

Independence allows access to virtually any investment.

Focus on capturing primary investment categories with low-cost, tax-efficient Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Institutional broker-dealer used for trade execution waives trading commissions for most ETFs utilized, thereby reducing investment costs.

Multi-Strategy Diversification

Rather than just spreading money among various investments to “not have all the eggs in one basket”, Ryan Poage & Co. takes diversification a step further by also including different, complimentary strategies in portfolios with goals to:

  • Minimize exposure to prolonged market declines.
  • Remain opportunistic to try to benefit from top performing categories.
  • Have multiple layers of diversification to attempt to always have a portion of the portfolio aligned to what is working during each phase of the market and economy.